Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Okay all of you jazz enthusiast, it's that time again! Volume 3 of some of my favorite jazz classics is here. Any true jazz lover knows that this genre of music never gets stale, but some songs even get better with time? With the help of technology, sampling has become the easiest and the most common way for a producer to develop a production sound. Hate it or love it, sampling is here to stay! Today, any novice with the right equipment and knowhow can chop, screw or alter any musical sound they choose. Jazz music is one of the largest sampling pools for producers because there are lots of instruments to choose from, with limited vocals to cypher through. Plus, jazz is one of the oldest forms of music, so there are decades of records available for the picking. Producers can remove one riff from a track, and make a whole beat from just that one sound. It's interesting when I hear an original jazz sample record that has literally been picked apart by just about everybody note for note, and it sounds like you are listening to about 20 songs at one time. The cool part of this sampling thing is, it gives these classic records and artists new life. It also gives the younger generation an opportunity to appreciate some of the great masterpieces of yester-year as well.

One of the most sampled jazz musicians of all-time is the legendary Roy Ayers (shown in the photo above). I guarantee that you've heard some of his music whether you realized it or not. Roy Ayers is a soul, funk and jazz vibraphone player from South Central, California. He has also been called, "The Godfather of Acid Jazz" because of his musical success in England back in the 1980's. This kat has worked with just about everybody over his decades in the music business. You talk about a catalog of hit records! Classic records like "Everybody Loves The Sunshine," "Searching," and "We Live In Brooklyn, Baby" are just a few of his most sampled tracks in hiphop alone. Roy is that dude, and if you are interested in getting more familiar with jazz, his music is a good place to start? He's not as deep as Miles Davis or Thelonious Monk, but he definitely not that elevator jazz like Kenny G either! Roy's hypnotic vibraphone sound sits nicely in the middle in my opinion.

Jazz Clazzikz Vol. 3 is packed with some great tracks! I threw a few hard to find sample records in there as well to keep it interesting. Most of these tracks will immediately take you back to the golden era of hiphop, but there are couple of newer samples incorporated as well. So, get a glass of your favorite beverage of choice, sit back and chill to these classic tracks. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did??


1**David Walker - On Love

2**Michael Franks - I Really Hope It's You

3**Rotary Connection - Memory Lane

4**Ronnie Laws - Tidal Wave

5**Sun Ra - Space Mates

6**Weather Report - Young & Fine

7**Donald Byrd - Woman Of The World

8**Roy Ayers - Liquid Love

9**Grover Washington Jr. - Loran's Dance

10*Bobby Hutcherson - Montara

11*Ronnie Foster - Tuesday Heartbreak

12*Paul Humphries - Uncle Willie's Dream

13*Soulive - Shaheed

14*Howard Roberts Quartet - Dirty Old Bossa Nova

15*Cal Tjader - Morning

16*Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks & Blues

17*Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

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