Friday, July 21, 2006

I normally smash on today's urban radio stations for brainwashing the masses with the crap they "think" people want to hear, and because they could care less about quality of choice! Yes, I still feel that way about urban radio, but there are a couple of exceptions? Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey are trying to bring some diversity and quality back into urban radio with their respective radio shows. Yes, it is mostly targeted for the 30 and older crowd, which they call "Grown Folks Music" just to clear things up a bit for those that are confused with their song selections? Both pretty much stay away from hiphop and risque R&B songs all together? I guess depending on what you like as far as music goes, this type of radio may be perfect for you? Not for me though! It is still pretty one sided in my opinion, but who am I? If you didn't know...."It's SoundNexx babie!" To each his own though! Radio may never be what I would like it to be, so I may just have to except that fact?? Then again, with technology I can make my own radio show dammit! Well sort of??

Okay...back down radio memory lane we go! I remember back in the day in Detroit, FM 98 (WJLB) would have a segment during the evening called, "Slam It or Jam It." The concept was great! The disc jockey would premiere a newly released song by an artist for all to hear, and then allow the listeners to call in and say whether they wanted the DJ to "Slam It" or "Jam It?" Slam It meant to trash the record so it could never be heard again, and Jam It meant you wanted them to play it another day. The concept was genius! It got listeners religiously tuning in at that time to hear the tracks, plus it gave us hope of picking the songs that we wanted to hear? Did our opinions REALLY matter in the end?? HELL NO!!! Some of the slammed songs were eventually played again, and some of jammed tracks were never heard again. Sometimes, they would weight a few weeks later and replay a previous song again to hopefully get a different turn out? Honestly, nobody really cared? It was all in fun from what I could tell. Playing certain records is big business for radio stations, so you really think they are going to let some fickle fans get in the way of that? Of course not! Sadly, the "Slam It or Jam It" segment was cancelled. All good things must come to an end...or do they??

More to come about that later..... For now, enjoy my latest radio mix.


1) Michael Jackson - Lady In My Life
2) Wayna feat. Kev Brown - Dreamin'
3) Tupac - My Block
4) Kanye West feat. Twista & Keyshia Cole - Impossible
5) Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
6) Robin Thicke feat. Faith Evans - Got To Be Down
7) Georgia Anne Mulgrow - Larva
8) K-Solo - Can't Hold It Back
9) Mary J. Blige feat. Jay Z - Turn Off The Lights
10) Patrice Rushen - Remind Me
11) Tonya Morgan - Bad
12) V - Best Friend
13) Total feat. Da Brat - No One Else
14) Carl Thomas - Dreamer
15) New Edition - Cool It Now
16) DeBarge - I Like It
17) Aaliyah feat. Treach - A Girl Like You

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Doggiedelic said...

I have to get my 50 cent in here on the subject of radio stations. You mention the two jocks that are making a differents, and that's the key! There are too few jocks, and too many MCee's. On radio the music is something to fill in the air space between commercials. Back in the day of small time payola, the jocks picked the music

SoundNexx said...

@doggiedelic - I agree with you playa! Music has become the real filler material for radio these days.