Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Slow jams are a special part of music to me. Forget what you heard, baby making music is what really makes the world go round. The majority of you folks were conceived while your maw and paw were slow jammin' to one of their favorite tunes? Having a slow jam tape/cd was a necessity when I was coming up. When the ladies dropped by for a visit, it was time to put on the one of the slow jam compilations to set the mood. I would do my homework prior to their visit though! I would findout during general conversation who were the music artists that they really loved, and I would make sure that they were included in that particular compilation that I would just so happen to play! It is nothing more rewarding than when the young lady would hear her favorite slow jam come on, and get all excited! Plus, they never seemed to remember that they told a couple weeks back that they loved that particular artist or song! Hmmm, how soon they forget? Those kinds of moments can turn a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE situation into a VERY POSSIBLE situation, if you get my drift??? Music has a very powerful effect on people's emotions and moods. Playing the right song(s) at the right time can be crucial when the potential for sex is teetering on how well you set the mood?

Slow jams in 2006 have changed drastically though! The choices are very limited (atleast for where my tastes are concerned anyway). If Omarion, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and Keyshia Cole are your thing, mo power to ya, but today I'm taking things back to the 1990's! Not too old school, but old enough to bring back memories. For all the old heads, enjoy this compilation and remember the good times, and you new schoolers take note to what is missing today? Oh yeah, I threw some rain sound effects in there too, just to bring back that quietstorm feel!


1- Maxwell - Sumthin Sumthin (Mellosmoothe Mix)
2- 112 - Why Does
3- Mary J. Blige - I Never Wanna Live Without You
4- SWV - You Are My Love
5- R. Kelly - Etcetera
6- Carl Thomas - Hey Now
7- Frankie - If I Had You
8- Kut Klose - Surrender
9- Changing Faces - Foolin' Around (Kenny Smoove Remix)
10-LSG - Door #1
11-Tony Toni Tone' - Whatever You Want
12-Donnell Jones - Yearnin'
13-Faith Evans - Give It To Me
14-Guy - Tease Me
15-Usher - Whispers


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