Friday, July 07, 2006

Some folks know them, but most have totally slept on them?? The Strange Fruit Project is one of the great hiphop groups that has gone undiscovered for too long! With positive (but, not preachy) lyrics, smooth-melodic baselines and uplifting subject is hard to ignore this group. Members Myone (MC), Myth (MC) & Symbolyc One (DJ/Producer) make up this southern hiphop group based out of Waco, Texas! Yep, I said..."Waco, Texas!" Don't get it twisted though, these boys are coming correct despite what previous opinions you may have about other rappers coming out of Texas? No, SFP doesn't sound like the typical Mike Jones, Paul Wall, The Geto Boys or UGK type rappers that Texas has been known for over the last few years! Strange Fruit Project would be more comparible to groups like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Slum Village. I don't really like to compare artists because they are all different, but I just wanted to be clear about what type of musical vibe they are on.

I discovered Strange Fruit Project from a local Detroit mixtape deejay by the name of
DJ Graffiti on his classic "Bling Free Volume 3" mixtape back in early 2004! Graffiti dropped the SFP gem "All The Way" from their second album titled "Soul Travelin," and I was flabbergasted! I immediately went on the quest of finding out about SFP and I stumbled upon a re-released special edition version of their first album titled, "From Divine." Both albums were pretty solid overall. In some of their songs their is a prevelant spiritual overtone, but they are not a gospel rap group by any standard. They just express that having faith in something (a higher power, love, life, etc.) can give any person the courage to work through the daily trials and tribulations that exist in the world. Can't be mad about that!! Well, I guess you can, but don't be!

There is some good and bad news when it comes to SFP? The bad news is that most of you have been totally comatose on SFP's first two joints, which are definitely worth your attention. The good news is that SFP is blessing the world with their third album fittingly titled, "The Healing" that drops on July 25, 2006. Unlike their first two albums, this new album is full of guest appearances from great artists like Erykah Badu, Darien Brockington, Little Brother, DeLoach and Bavu Blakes. This just shows how major SFP has become over the years without all of the major distribution and backing that other artists get! There success thus far has been based on word of mouth for the most part. I hope this new album will finally get them the recognition that they deserve? Maybe, they can get their video played a million times on MTV & BET like all of the other so-called rap stars out of Texas?? Hmmmm....don't hold your breath!!!!

Do yourself a favor if you haven't already and get a familiar with SFP! If you are hungry for some good tastin' hiphop music...getchu some of this Strange Fruit!!

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jon said...

smooth and positive -- i like the vibe


MosaicThump said...

SFP is definitely what we need to be listening to. I know I have said it before, I love Hip Hop and I put up with Rap. Unfortunately I do not think that either could exist without the other.

SFP is definitely the cure for what is ailing the industry. Thanks for the review my brother....