Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am quite sure for the majority of you readers, the name Aloe Blacc doesn't ring any bells? Some of you real underground hiphop headz may know him from the indie group Emanon where he rapped along side his partner Exile? Then again, maybe not? To be honest, I am not a big fan of Emanon's music. Not that they suck or anything, but it just not my cup of juice (I don't drink tea)? I gave their last album "The Waiting Room" a hard listen a year ago, and it just didn't move me! But, I encourage you hiphop headz to give those Emanon albums a listen and make your own determinations! It may be just what you are missing?

These days, Aloe has turned over a new leaf! He has tried his hand at singing? I know you are probably thinking, "We don't need another Ja Rule type dude trying to sing!" I feel you, but Aloe Blacc is no Ja Rule when it comes to the vocals! As a matter of fact, if you didn't know he rapped in his previous endeavors, you would think he was a straight up R&B kat! Aloe can really sing! I saw him perform live a couple of weekends ago at the Detroit Tastefest as the opening act for J*Davey. Dude did his thing! Aloe has already released his first single titled "Ordinary People," which is a latin remake of John Legend's 2005 hit record.

Aloe Blacc's new album is called "Shining Through" and it just dropped on July 11, 2006. On the new album, Aloe shows that he multi-talented when it comes to music. It's basically a collage of many different styles, which is a plus for those that get bored quickly with most albums? He kicks some latin flavor on a couple joints, then he goes into some broken beat, accoustic, hiphop and R&B. The great thing about Aloe is that he can do all of these styles of music convincingly! I can't say that about too many other artists out there that jump between different genres? One cut off the new album that stays in rotation in my ipod is the song, "I'm Beautiful!" This is one of his soulful ballad moments. The message is self-explanatory, but Aloe puts his flava on it to make it his own. I hope he makes it a single, because the world needs songs like this! Will it make the world a better place...HELL NO! But, it can sure make you feel better when life seems to be handing you a raw deal though!

The "Shining Through" album is definitely worth your attention, especially for all you folks looking for something a little different from the normal crap that gets constant rotation these days! Check my man Aloe out! If you like his vibe, pickup the album and add it to your growing music collection. Tell a friend.....

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