Thursday, May 11, 2006

Please don't tell me that you don't know who Wordsworth is?? Believe it or not, most self-proclaimed hiphop heads have never heard of him, which is pretty bad! Why should you care who he is? Probably because he is one of most lyrically fit MCs out there, but has yet to get his deserved respect in the rap game! Not only that, but by today's standards he would be considered a vet! Can you say, "The most slept on?" This Brooklyn bred emcee started his hiphop career with his one time rhyme partner in crime Punchlines back in the 90s, which formed the Voltron like duo "Punch N' Words!" The duo dropped an EP back in 2000 titled, "Punchlines & Wordsworth" that basically flopped in the sales department due to poor promotion. The EP was definitely not a classic, but it is definitely worth a listen just to hear their Run-DMC like rhyme chemistry! It's a shame that they never got their JUST-DUE!

Now, we fast-forward to 2000! Word's music career had pretty much dissolved by this time! He was able to make a few guest appearances on some underground hiphop tracks here and there, but that put little spark back into his once hopeful career? With no music singles or album opportunities for Wordworth in several years, most fans had totally forgotten about him. Then in mid 2000, MTV hit everyone in head with their hiphop driven freestyle skit tv show called, "The Lyricist Lounge" where Wordsworth was a major contributor. Working along side the tight cast and the famous celebrities that would bless the weekly show with their talents contributing to the Lounge's success, Wordsworth finally got some earned recognition!Words remained a cast member of the show until 2003, when it was finally cancelled.

In late 2004, Wordsworth finally released his debut album under the Halftooth label titled, "Mirror Music!" Again, due to poor promotion...the refreshing "Mirror Music" album suffered the fate of lackluster record sales! Since then, Halftooth artists Oddisee and Kenn Starr have exposed the label's musical movement to the masses on the underground by collaborating heavy-hitters like, Little Brother, J-Live, Grap Luva, Jazzy Jeff, Cy Young & Talib Kweli! Oddisee has also blessed several artists with his now trademarked laid back & sometimes melodic production style. He could definitely turnout to be one of the great producers of his era? Since, everyone recognizes that the "Mirror Music" album was definitely slepted on when it was originally released, Halftooth has decided to re-release & repackage it as a "Special Edition" version. Most of the time special edtions of albums suck because they usually cost more, and all you get is either a wack DVD of crap you don't want or some filler tracks that were never supposed to make the cut anyway! No SPANKS!! I'll stick with the original version! This time, things are different though! In this S.E. package of Mirror Music, not only do you get the original version of the album, but you get a bonus CD of exclusive Oddisee remixes of 10 tracks! The remixes alone are worth the price of admission, but to include the original album as well is a win-win situation! The choice is yours though....I'm just the facilitator of information... I heard Lil'Jon got a new track out too, so.......

*Leaves a cloud of dust in the air as he runs to get his jacket, heading 4 Best Buy!*

Click the album cover above to hear some snippets from this album!

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