Thursday, May 18, 2006

Folks that know me personally, already know that I think local urban radio really STINKS like a dead rat lying in dog vomit, during a hot summer day!! The reasons why....lack of variety, top 40 crap, too much talking, too many commercials about nothing, too many repeated songs...and on & on! At one time radio was about exploration and discovery? I remember getting excited when I would hear a new song on the radio for the first time! Calling into the radio stations (actually getting through) and making a song request. They actually found and played the songs you requested back in the day! Nowadays, they pretend that you can just call in for various things, but most of the time you can't get past the busy signal that seems to always be present? As much as radio stinks these days, I still have the desire to be a radio disc jockey? It would definitely have to be on a independent station though. None of that Clear Channel & Radio One political mess that has killed good radio of the past?

Until I get a real gig, I have to find other ways release my Disc Jockey alter ego that has been trying to get out over the years. I make compilations for my own entertainment with songs that I would love to hear on the radio! I have been doing this for years, but now I have decided to share them with my peepz! My feeling is, radio should have a little of everything! I like things mixed up a little. I don't want to hear slow love songs all day, and the same goes rap cuts. I like a variety of sounds all rolled into one grooving experience. WNEX coming to a local city near you!!

I will be dropping these every once in awhile to share great music, so stay visit often! Everything here on available on a limited basis, so get it while it's HOT!!



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Anonymous said...

Hopefully with the new payola law suits radio will become better and paly a wide variety of hiphop and R&B