Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's house groove time again! From the wonderful responses I received from the first house mix I posted, I had to do it again! This one is for my REAL DEAL House Music Headz: House Dawg a.k.a Rodd, Gene and one to tightest female house DJs reppin' Detroit...DJ Cent! I have shared great house music conversations with these folks, so I know they are definitely going to feel this mix! I took it back a little for this one. I dug deep in my music crates (boxes actually) to pull out some of these gems! Most of these were getting heavy rotation at one point in my life, so I thought I would put all I could fit into one mix. All of these tracks are not straight up house music though. Some of them just have great grooves that can be easily slipped into a nice house mix, so why not? I not really into the techno sounding type house music that I hear a lot of these days. It sounds like that noise the old school dial up modems make when they are trying to get online! Irritating! I mainly stick with the soulful feeling and uplifting gospel vibed house music, with more bass than treble! Say NO to TechNO...LOL! Nah, there might be some good techno out there???? Hmmm....then maybe NOT!

I am not sure if you folks are familiar with my man Little Louie Vega (shown in the photo above) or not, but he's pretty large on the New York house music scene. I mean REALLY LARGE!! I mean a two time Grammy nominated type LARGER THAN LARGE! Some call him a house legend, and so do I! He's a Bronx native that has been burning up the club scene for over 15 years, spinning records at just about every major club on the east coast. He started his career at the now imfamous club Studio 54 back in the 1980s! If you are not familiar with Studio 54, check out the DVD movie with the same name to get a little history on how major this club was back in the day! You can also get the flick "Boogie Nights" if you can stand seeing Mark Wahlberg act?? Mr. Vega made his production debut on a track titled, "Take Me Away" by a early hip-house group called, 2 In a Room! They were also known for that dance track, "Wiggle It (Just A Little Bit)" back in 2001. Over Louie's extensive career he has remixed and produced tracks for several known artists such as: Todd Terry, Dee-Lite, Marc Anthony, Madonna, Jamiroquai and even the legendary Michael Jackson. Remember when you first heard the classic track, "Billy Jean?" No, Louie had nothing to do with that particular song, but I just wanted you remember when M.J. was the man!! Aiight, back to the HOUSE...

Louie Vega is also half of the dope production team Masters At Work when he's working with one of my other favorite producers, Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez. The name says it all! MAW has made some of the best soul house remixes I have ever experienced, so when you see their name attached to a song it's definitely quality work! A great example of their skill is the collaboration track with Jazzy Jeff titled, "In Time" featuring V on the vocals! That track gets the party poppin' everytime! House music is not as popular in the mainstream as it used to be, but don't think it has died. With musicians like DJ Spinna, Yam Who?, 4 Hero, Joey Negro, Yoruba Soul, Roy Davis Jr. and Masters At Work still producing and remixing our favorite tracks, the house music sound will be around for many years to come!

It's time for the House Mixx 2 breakdown. I start things off with a Joey Negro remix of a Roy Ayers classic. Then we get into my hometown homie Jeremy Ellis with Roy Davis Jr. on production, and glide nicely past a housed Mariah Carey right into some Seek. Tortured Soul adds some flava with, "It's Alright" and Ann Consuelo keeps it moving on "See The Day." Since T.I. recently sampled this beat on his new album, I took it back with the Crystal Waters classic, "Gypsy Woman!" I took it back again with the "Nu-Nu" house remix, right into to spiritual healing on the cut, "Higher" by Butch Quick. Another Detroit artist...Amp Fiddler kills it at the end of mix, but the door if finally closed and locked with a club remix from the legendary Frankie Knuckles on a already top notch British soul classic! I won't let that one out of the bag, so you will have something to look forward 2! If you are thinking Soul II Soul, you can stop it because you're incorrect...

Get the SoundNexx House Mixx 2: Classik Gruvs here!

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nova said...

OMG you put the MJB "All Night Long/Mary Jane" track on here!!! This is awesome! Check out my recent house mix when you get the chance.