Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Everyone in the 313 can you feel me? Yes, I am from "The 313" a.k.a "Detroit" a.k.a "Motown!" The early MOTOWN RECORDS was pretty much running the soul music business back in the day! With Legends like Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder on the roster, why wouldn't they? Several years have pasted, and the legendary Motown era of the past is no more. Not only has the music changed, but the city itself has changed! DETROIT has been hit with a lot of negative stereo types over the past few years. Those negatives have somewhat overshadowed the successes of the past. Yes, we have problems just like any other major city in the United States, but that doesn't mean that this is not a wonderful place be! Some folks even think that Detroit has lost its ability to produce great artists? The problem is not the talented artists in the Detroit, it's that outside spotlight that is no longer shining, which is causing the illusion. We no longer have the high volume of record companies coming here looking for fresh and new talent. Some Detroit based artists are getting some shine though like, Dwele, Platinum Pied Pipers, Neco Redd, Dabrye, Slum Village, Amp Fiddler & J Dilla (R.I.P)!

The strictly local artists here have taken it upon themselves to get their music out by any means necessary! The back of trunks, city festivals and local record stores. Music is being produced around here all the time, but the independent records never get any spins on local radio for the most part, so the artists still suffer in most cases? Independent Detroit hiphop crews like "Dirty Glove Entertainment" pay for airtime on the local access television channels to get their music out to the masses. They televise their grimmey music videos and live concert footage to give their artists some needed exposure! It has worked because this organization has expanded from Detroit to Arizona and Houston over the last few years, and they have a pretty large fanbase. That type of growth has sparked jealousy amongst some of the other local hiphop artists and labels around the city. This jealousy has also sprouted into serious beefs and even violence in some cases! One of the most notorious Detroit based beefs was between Eminem's band, D12 and Royce Da 5'9"! This fued has been going on for years, and it has only gotten worse over time. They've had several episodes of physical altercations with no real resolution. Hopefully, with the unfortunate death of D12's Proof (R.I.P), maybe this beef will finally end?

I have been waiting on a new MOTOWN compilation for years. I guess since a lot of the local artists don't really work together like they should, it may never happen? So, I have decided to do what should have been done years ago! I put together a compilation of Detroit based singers, rappers and producers for your listening pleasure! I have pulled songs from everywhere (old & new) to make this compilation complete! There are some very rare and exclusive tracks on here, so don't hesitate to get a copy of this one! It was very hard to narrow the songs down for this compilation, but I did my best to represent Detroit right! I left off much of the crime driven tuff guy raps that saturate the local hiphop scene here, just because there is enough of that on the mainstream airwaves as it is?

Download the "New Motown Movement Compilation Mix" here!

Mix Tracklist:
1- 313 Can You Feel Me Intro - Dwele & Ta'raach (SoundNexx Blend)
2- The Reunion - Slum Village feat. J. Dilla

3- Fly - Dwele feat. Bahamadia
4- Get It Together - Dabrye feat. Invincible & Finale
5- Better Days - Neco Redd feat. Platinum Pied Pipers
6- Part of The Story - Lacks
7- Detroit Winter - Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Invincible
8- Stunted Growth - Elzhi
9- Special - Guilty Simpson
10- Sexy - Dwele
11- Give Love - Sol Uprising
12- This Is How - Amp Fiddler
13- Feel My Love - Zo! feat. Havana
14- Surprises/Smell The Coffee - Big Dave The Destroyer
15- Viewer Discretion - Dabrye feat. Invincible & Finale
16- 1000 Nukkaz - Phat Kat feat. BR Gunna & Obie Trice
17- Eve (J Dilla Remix) - Spacek feat. J Dilla & Frank-N-Dank
18- L.O.V.E - Dwele
19- Caught Up In - Zo!


Detroit is known for having serious music festivals in the summer months! This upcoming holiday weekend is the "ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 06" extraviganza at Hart Plaza, located on the riverfront! It's a 3-day event, so there will be plenty music for everyone! I am looking forward to Tortured Soul, Roy Davis Jr, and the J-Dilla Tribute! Checkout the list of performers scheduled for this event..... (Click the photo of Detroit located above!)

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