Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I know you just didn't say, "Who is Eric Roberson?" If you don't know that, then this post may just be one that changes your soul music life forever? Mr. Roberson has been in the music game since 1994. His musical releasese was titled, "The Moon," which is pretty much out of print these days. You may be able to find on Ebay or something though? Erro started out writing songs and working with a lot of Philly soul artists like Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild & Jazzy Jeff. Over the years he became good friends with these artists and was given the opportunity to be a member of Jazzy Jeff's "A Touch of Jazz" production company. Erro has made attempts at working with major record labels in the past, but each one of those opportunities turned sour. So, Erro decided to start his own independent record label he calls, "Blue Erro Soul." With his own label he has been able to release several solo albums over the years. To most serious soul music lovers, Eric Roberson is a household name!

Erro Live Vol: DC (DVD & CD) is his latest upcoming album release. In the package deal you get a DVD of live concert video footage and a CD full live performances. This music set captures special moments and memorable performances at concert venues such as the Black Cat, Takoma Station and 930 Club in Washingto DC. With over 2 hours of live concert footage, which includes his classics and some new favorites, this package is a must have for Erro fans. In the Bonus Features portion of the DVD, go behind the scenes and get to know Eric Roberson in this jam-packed hour of special features including a "sneak peak" of the upcoming album, interviews and outtakes! The new project drops on June 1, 2006, but they are taking pre-orders at his website, so don't waste time!

Also, go to his websites to hear some of his music if you haven't already! Erro is definitely one of the great soul singers and writers of our generation!

Erro's Website Here

Erro's Website Here

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