Sunday, April 11, 2010

Haven't you heard? Latonya Givens a.k.a Tone Trezures has dropped her EP called Destiny for her fans. It's 5 tracks from Trezure's chest that have never been officially released. Think of it as a small snack before the main meal. Tone is not just a soul singer. She's also a dope producer as well. That's different from a beat maker. None of those loopy-beat-making programs that the kids are using to rearrange soul samples in Tone's studio. Her production consists of precise musical arrangements and live instrumentation. I think that gives her beats a more organic sound. I applaud Tone for taking her production process back to the days of the greats like Patrice Rushen and Quincy Jones.

If you want to know more about Tone Trezure --> Click HERE!

Get the "Destiny EP" --->

This Strange Fruit Project track "Crush On You" is one of my favorites with Tone Trezure on the hook:

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