Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am using this post to backtrack on an album from 2009 that shouldn't have gotten overlooked. If you don't know 'bout Marcell & The Truth, consider this your introduction. I had the privilege to see this smooth group of brothers perform live back in 2006, and I have been a fan ever since. After chatting with a couple of the group members, it was clear to see they were some very humble dudes. They are just glad to be making music. The voice behind the group belongs to Marcell Russell, and his vocals can make any song sound good. The boy can sang! Don't believe me, well listen for yourself. Marcell & The Truth released their second album "Symbols" back in late 2009. Even though you may have missed out, it's never too late to get quality music. This album is definitely for the adult-contemporary soul lovers out there. No Lil'Wayne, Ludacris or Nicki Minaj guests features on this joint. Just straight R&B...straight R&B!

Listen to new Symbols album -->

Here is one of my favorite tracks from their first album "Hopes Too High" called Breathe Love:

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