Thursday, April 16, 2009

North Carolina is definitely in the spot right now! Fans of the Justus League and Little Brother take heed. Most folks feel that Phonte is the better rapper of the Little Brother duo. No doubt, Phontigallo can do no wrong on the microphone, but I feel that Rapper Big Pooh is no slouch either. Pooh plays his position. Personally, I loved Pooh's first solo album "Sleepers" a hell of a lot. I had that CD in heavy rotation for several months, but plenty of rap fans overlooked the kid's efforts. Some fickle rap fans didn't even give the guy a chance based on their unfair comparisons of him to Tay. If you missed "Sleepers" when it originally dropped, get that! With production from Khrysis and 9th Wonder, and guest vocals from Phonte and Darien Brockington, how could it not be pure dope? Fortunately, Big Pooh has released a new digital project called "Delightful Bars (Candy Apple Edition)" available for download on iTunes. The new joint seems more grittier than the first and Pooh's lyrics are more straight edged this time around. I dig it! He almost seems somewhat pissed off at the doubters, so if your one of them this project is for you with love.

The dopest thing about this whole Rapper Big Pooh movement is that he is actually releasing four different versions of his album. Each version is unique with different songs. The titles of the four versions are: Candy Apple Version (iTunes only version out now); North American Pie Version (drops April 21st); Belgian Chocolate Version (????); and Japanese Diafuku Version (????).




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Matty C said...

Hey, my name is Matt Conaway, I was hoping to get your e-mail address, so that I could start sending you press releases and audio (MP3 and streams) and videos. I typically work 6-8 projects a month and right now I am working Kidz In The Hall, Joe Budden, B-Real, Big Pooh, Saigon, Royce 5'9, Raekwon, etc.

Hope to hear back from you soon..