Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hip-Hop is still in effect around these parts. Today, I'm speaking (typing actually) on my man Munshine representing Canada to the fullest. I'm glad that Eminem broke the door down for white rappers, by actually being talented on the mic. I know emcees like Pete Nice, MC Serch & Everlast (Whitey Ford) dropped hot verses long before Slim Shady, but his success overall is what made the biggest difference in my humble opinion. Today, the underground hip-hop game is full of talented rappers that just happen to be white. Personally, Muneshine is one of my favorites. His rhymes are consistantly solid, plus his production is always on point. Whether he's producing his own tracks or giving other respected producers like Illmind, Oddisee and M.Phazes the reigns, the end result is hynotic goodness!

Even though Muneshine is definitely hip-hop, he tends to easily incorporate soulful vibes throughout his projects. Sometimes, it's the addition of soulful guest vocals from artists like Denosh and Minor Image, or a flipped/reworked R&B sample. I have kept Muneshine's "Status Symbol" album in heavy rotation over the last few weeks. If you missed it, be sure to get yourself a copy and hear what you think!

Peep two of his videos:

Muneshine ft. D Minor - Today's Special

Muneshine - Globetrotters

Be sure to get a copy of the Muneshine's latest mixtape "Big Man On Campus" by clicking HERE!

Check the websites for info and music:

Munshine's Blog

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