Sunday, April 19, 2009

I did a post last month speaking on the love-hate relationship that I have with urban movie soundtracks. Basically, most soundtracks stink overall, but there are a few that actually worthy of a purchase. I have already mentioned the praise-worthy “Above the Rim” and “Love Jones” soundtracks in past posts, but one other deserving of some attention is the “High School High” soundtrack. No, I’m not referring to the resent teeny-bopper “High School Musical” movie that has all the kids peeing in their underwear from excitement. The film I’m talking about starred Jon Luvitz and hit the big screen back in 1996. To be honest, that movie stunk like hot garbage in the summertime, but the soundtrack was nice. The soundtrack showcased hot tracks from artists like Pete Rock, Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul, Faith Evans, The Roots, Lil’ Kim, etc. I kept that CD on heavy rotation for months, before somebody decided to steal it from my vehicle dammit! Curse all thieves with athlete’s foot and anal warts. Thankfully, the wonderful and strange e-world known as the Internet has provided me with the opportunity to recover what was stolen from me.

Today, I share with you part 2 of the “Best Uv Soundtrack” mixx series. Listening to these tracks definitely brought back some good memories from my past. It’s amazing how music can remind you of specific times in your life regardless of how old you get. Memories of past relationships, family gatherings, and old jobs came rushing back into my head. Take this trip down memory lane…

Best Uv 2 Playlist:

01) Usher – Call Me A Mack (Higher Learning)
02) Adriana Evans/Phife – Never Say Goodbye (Ride)
03) SWV – Anything (Above The Rim)
04) Nuttin’ Nyce – Down 4 Whatever (Lowdown Dirty)
05) Donell Jones – I’ll Go (Love & Basketball)
06) Queen Latifah – It’s Alright (Nothing To Lose)
07) Rhythm & Knowledge – U Bring Da Dog Out (Above The Rim)
08) Tammy Lucas – Is It Good To You (Juice)
09) Ralph Tresvant – Money Can’t Buy Me Love (Mo Money)
10) Guy – My Fantasy (Do The Right Thing)
11) Lauryn Hill – The Sweetest Thing (Love Jones)
12) Jodeci/Dogg Pound – Come Up To My Room (Murder Was The Case)
13) Changing Faces – What I’ve Been Missin (Hav Plenty)
14) Anthony Hamilton/Terri Robinson – I Will Go (NY Undercover)
15) Immature – House Party (House Party 3)
16) Bubba – I Like Your Style (House Party 2)
17) Aaron Hall – Don’t Be Afraid (Juice)
18) Hodge – Head Nod (Panther)
19) Alicia Keys – Dah Dee Dah (Men In Black)



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greena ff said...

i loved LOVED LOVED that anthony Hamilton song. was the first song of his i ever heard, and i stayed checking for him from that, was so thrilled hen he finally dropped an album.
peace jamz!