Friday, March 30, 2007

Damn, how times have changed! I remember back in the day when there were only three ways I could hear new music before I purchased it. The first way was begging the local music store to open up the CD so that I could sample the music before I purchased it! That one rarely worked, but you can't get mad at a brotha for trying. The second way was going to websites like Amazon or Tower Records to hopefully hear a damn 10 second snippet of the tracks! That was the worst because I would sit there like 10 minutes listening those short and useless azz snippets, and still wonder if I really liked the music enough to buy it? They should change the name from "snippet" to "a-waste-of-my-phucken-time-et," because that's what it really is dammit! If the first two ways didn't work, my last resort would be to let one of my courages buddies buy the album first,and then listen to their copy. If the music sucked I'd just laugh and keep it moving, but if it was good I'd go and kopp it! The reality is most times I would often end up buying new music just on the look of the album cover alone? Desperate actions calls for desperate measures people. Needless to say I have wasted a lot of hard earned loot on crappy music over my time, but I did stumble up on some classic material as well during the process. Who am I kidding though? I wish I could get all of damn money back that I have been tricked into giving to these greedy record labels.

It's a new day in 2007 though. Luckily for me and my music addiction, I get a chance to put my ears on lots of great tunes in a pretty short period of time now. Music is EVERYWHERE on the internet just waiting to be heard. I never thought the day would come where the consumers would have the upperhand, but that day is upon us now. I don't know how long these wonderful times will last, but let's enjoy them while we can. Music blogs, chatrooms and forums are like roaches in 2007. Soon as one is exterminated, three more pop up! The way things are going these days, if you actually purchase a wack album in 2007 then it's all your fault and you should be ashamed. Be very ashamed! I still buy CDs when they are worthy of my money, but the days of making blind music purchases are over for me. I have enough CD coasters in my collection already, and refuse to add anymore. Okay, now I can step off of my soapbox and get on to business at hand...

As most of you know, I like to share music that I think is worth hearing. I realize that we all have different tastes, but I have to give you the opportunity to hear the tracks for yourselves even if you don't like them in the end. Today, I present you with four tracks that I am enjoying at the moment, and one that I think some of you may want to hear? This JUKIE-BOX is free, so you can keep your quarters in your pocket this time...

Jazzy Jeff feat. Rhymefest - Jeff-N-Fees: This track is off of Jazzy Jeff's "The Return of The Magnificent" EP. I am not a big Rhymefest fan, but he did his thang on this joint! Jeff held down the production nicely too by bringing back that old school feel with a touch of jazz.

Timbaland feat. Elton John - 2 Man Show: This joint is off of Timbo's new release "Shock Treatment." This is one of those tracks when you see who's on it you think, "How da hell did that happen?" Timbaland has always been ahead of his time on the production tip, but his rhyming skills still needs some serious work. Timbaland makes Puffy Daddy sound like Rakim on the mic? Nah, let me stop lying! The best thing about this track is that Tim is not rhyming that much, plus I like the laid back jazzy feel of it as well.

Mint Condition - After The Love Is Gone: Are you one of the folks still sleeping on the funky band known as Mint Condition? You need to see these katz live and you will know what a real concert is suppose sound like dammit! This track is off of the "Interpretations: Celebrating the Music of EW&F" compilation album where hand picked artists are given the opportunity to remake classic EW&F songs. I thought Mint Condition did a good job with this track, so check it out.

Snowgoons feat. Wise Intellegent - Teacher's Trademark: The Snowgoons are a production team out of Germany. This track is off of their new album "German Lugers" and it's a pretty solid indie release actually. The nicest part about this record other than the nice production is hearing my man Wise (from Poor Righteous Teachers) spitting some new verses. Dude has been AWOL for a minute now, so it's good see him dust off his mic to hit us with a little bit of wisdom once again!

Ashanti feat. Jim Jones - You Can't Deny It: I can honestly say that I am not a big Ashanti fan personally. Her music is hit or miss with me for the most part, and I think she has been very fortunate in her career to have seen the success she has at this point. When Ja Rule and Murder Inc. were poppin' like Orval Redenbacher back in the day, they had us hooked pretty good via the radio and video stations. Now-a-days, Ashanti seems to be standing alone, hoping to reinvent herself with that same magic of yester-year? This is her attempt at it I guess? In typical Ashanti fashion her production uses a rehashed Tupac sample, while adding the infamous Mr. Jim Jones to round out this uninspired single. It works for her though? Check it out!

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