Monday, March 05, 2007

The Human League "Human"

What ya'll know about this??


Dee said...

Next to Maxwell's Fortunate, this is my favorite song and one of my favorite tracks produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis! I still have the original CD! During their run, I collected all the tracks by Flyte Tyme: SOS Band, Herb Alpert Keep Your Eye On Me, Lisa Keith and even George Michael Monkey Remix! Cool Vid. Peace

SoundNexx said...

@Dee - Most people don't even realize that this track was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Back in the day them katz were putting it down pretty serious on the production tip. A lot of folks feel like they produced many classics for everyone else, but they couldn't buy a solid album for the Time? I disagree with that though. The first 2 Time albums were classics in my book!

Oh yeah, that Herb Alpert album was real tight too! I am going to have to pull that one out of the archives. Thanks for stopping thru!

yellowswan said...

Don't forget the tracks that Jam and Lewis produced for Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle , SOS Band.A Broken Heart Can Mend ::faint:: Never Knew Love Like This, Everything I Miss At Home - I can go on and on . The Jam and Lewis classics remind me of my childhood.I have spent hours searching for almost everyone of their hits and I have them and listen to them all the time.