Friday, March 09, 2007

Being a true fan of soul music, I love to see the emergence of new talent! The breath of new life into any music genre is necessary to keep it evolving. Whether you like it or not, change is a good thing. Honestly, do you really want to hear the same types of songs rehashed over and over again? Well, I don't dammit, so now you can understand why I have this cheese-eatin' grin on my face while I'm typing this post! Seeing new faces and hearing new voices lets me know that even in music's so-called dismal state, folks are still being inspired. It reveals a glimmer of hope that the originality and artisitc values of music may just overshadow the plastic-cookie cutter, all about the money mentality. I love to see artists make money, but there has to be a balance. Today, I speaking on two ladies that are definitely handling their business on the underground/indie soul scene right now, that will hopefully become household names to everyone around the world? These two are definitely balancing things out.

First up is Melanie Rutherford a.k.a Melly Mel. She's reppin' Pontiac, Michigan to the fullest! You know I always show much love to my fellow Michiganers when I get a chance. Melanie maybe known to many people, but has already released an album a few years ago "You've Got Mel" that is pretty much impossible to find in 2007? I think it is on Ebay though for all of you big spending, collector's items type of consumers. Even with her limited exposure, Melanie has a cult like fan following that is well deserved. This sista can really sing, plus she has a street appeal to her sound. In August 2007 she plans on releasing her untitled second album? Hopefully, the new joint will be more accessible than her first album. What I like about Melanie the most is her raw passion. That emotion definitely permeates through her music. After reading some of the stuff she has posted on her myspace page, she seems like the type that would slap the taste out of your mouth for talking sideways to her? One of those bold type sistas that'll tell you how it really is, straight with no chaser! Strong sistas are very sexy, but if I ever get a chance to meet Melanie, I'll be sure to keep my guard up at all times....

Next up is Ms. Tiffany Paige who is now reppin' VA by way of AZ! This sultry soul songstress seems to be knee-deep in the underground hip-hop scene. She has already worked with several of my favorite known-unknowns like Zo!, Scienz of Life, Darien Brockington, Kaze, M.F. Doom and most recently John Robinson a.k.a Lil' Sci. By the way, if you haven't put your ears on that John Robinson album "The Leak Edition, Vol. 2" then you need to. That was definitely one of my favorites in 2006. It's strictly for the headz though, so if you think 50 Cent is the best rapper you've ever heard, avoid Mr. Robinson! Okay, the commercial break is over, so back to Tiffany dammit! Ms. Paige has a new album that will be dropping in August of 2007 entitled "The Dreamwalk LP," but until then the "Breakin' Boundaries" mixtape is hitting the streets first. The best thing about her album is that it is being produced by my man Zo!, so you know it's all good like MC Hammer! He's definitely one of my favorite instrumentalist in this season. I expect big thangs from Tiffany Paige, so be on the looky!

Think of this as a new artists alert! I left plenty of room for you folks to do some investigation of your own. Support good music dammit! You can start by checking out these dope sites that I have listed below:

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