Thursday, January 18, 2007

The coolest thing about music for me is finding new and upcoming talents that freshen up the game with creative flava! I can usually tell by the first track that I hear from an artist whether I am going to like them or not. I heard a track from this kat reppin' Northern Virginia named J. Laine, and I will admit it had my head bobbin' something serious. I am a beat man, so catchy basslines and hooks are enough to get me hooked in most cases. The song is entitled, "Take N Stride," which Laine chops and fillets the hell out of a Jackson 5 sample! My man DJ Roddy Rod handles the vocals on the track, and it comes together nicely too. As you can tell from the photo above, J. Laine is a big Jay Dee a.k.a J Dilla fan as well as many others around the world. I guess you can say that Dilla was a big inspiration to him.

According to his myspace page, the beat used for the "Take N Stride" track is an instrumental entitled "J Dilla Can Win," which is featured on his J Dilla instrumental tribute album "Apple Jons." There are 32 instrumental tracks produced in the same style of Dilla's "Donuts" album. Judging by the tracks I heard, this could be some classic material. Even thought Laine is new to most of us, he's not new in his home state. He's worked with many of VA's heavy hitters like DJ Roddy Rod and W. Ellington Felton. If everything goes as planned, Laine will be dropping his debut album entitled "To Live and Die in VA" in the summer of 2007! Be on the lookout.....

Checkout the J. Laine feat. DJ Roddy Rod video:

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Anonymous said...

the "take in stride" song i believe is sampling foster Sylvers - misdemeanor, not a jackson 5 song