Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I listen to lots and lots of music on the regular, but there are a few tracks that seem to remain in my regular rotation. Honestly, even my so-called "regular rotation" is not really regular. I find myself changing music like positions in bed (I mean while I'm sleeping). Get your minds out of the gutter, there's not enough room because mines is taking up so much space! Anyway, I present you folks with some of my highly played tracks for your listening pleasure. Not all of these tunes are brand-spankin' new, but they may still have been missed by the masses? I pulled these joints from everywhere too like albums, mixtapes, compilations, bootlegs, etc. Some of these tracks have those big mowfed DJs that I so truly despise shouting nonsense throughout the songs. I say "To Hell" with the all of the loud mowfed Disc Jockeys of the world that deliberately say useless verbage over wonderful records just because they can dammit! Ignoring them may be a chore, but do the best you can. Okay, enuff of my jibber-jabber...let's get into some tunes!

Dudley Perkins feat. Sadat X - Come Here (Remix) --> Dudley Perkins is an acquired taste for many music lovers, but I enjoy his work personally. Madlib always seems to lay down some of his nicest beats for Mr. Perkins as well, which always makes his projects diverse and interesting! Sadat adds his legendary Brand Nubian flavor on the track to make it official. I like this remix a lot! An for those who are totally out of the loop, the rapper Declaime is to Dudley Perkins what Phonte is to Percy Miracles.

Dwele - Count Back --> Dwele is one of my favorite soul crooners, and this little overlooked track is off of the "Dirty District 3" mixtape. Typical Dwele feel to the record, but I bet a few of you guys out there can definitely relate the lyrics. Shame on you...

Corinne Baily-Rae - Call Me When You Get This --> This track is actually my favorite off of her great album. Her voice is hypnotically-soothing to my ears, and I really like the lyrics as well.

DJ Exile feat. Aloe Blacc & Blue - Tell Me --> DJ Exile & Aloe Blacc make up the group Emanon. The funny thing is, I like them much better when they work solo for some reason. I thoroughly enjoyed that DJ Exile "Dirty Science" album released last year, and this is one of my favorite joints off that project.
Keith Murray - Incredible (Prod by DJ Premier) --> Mr. Murray has always been pretty thorough on the m-i-c, but he still doesn't get his props? Maybe, this joint will help him get some respect?

Anthony Hamilton - Struggle No More --> Anthony is in a class all by himself when it comes to vocals. This is one those uplifting tracks. Anthony would make a great preacher too! Chuuch!!

Wade Waters feat. Cubin Link - Rock Solid --> Soulstice and Haysoos are really under the hip-hop radar for most, but I really like this track for some reason. I really think it's the production that has my ears trapped?


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Shazz said...

Thanks for these songs dude! I like that Dwele & Anthony Hamilton track a lot! I wasn't familiar with Dudley, so I will check him out.

Love the site!