Tuesday, January 23, 2007

As of late I have been leaning toward hip-hop driven posts a little, so today it's all about getting back to soul music dammit! All my soul music headz out there, I haven't forgotten about you! It's amazing to me how many unfortunate souls out there STILL doesn't know who the hell soul crooner Raheem DeVaughn is? He debut classic album "The Love Experience" dropped in the summer of 2005, and lots of folks are just realizing how dope it is! There are many great soul singers out there doing their thing, but what separates Raheem from most is his consciousness. He's not just singing meaningless verses about juvenile sexcapades like the many of the other young male singers, but he uses his music to uplift and educate the masses as well. Uplifting tracks like "Catch 22" and "Green Leaves" reveals that Raheem is not just a one trick pony, and he can sing songs about love, life and the struggle without losing the cohesiveness of the album. Honestly, one of my favorite Raheem joints is not even on his album. It's entitled "My People" and it is one of the most uplifting songs I have heard in very long time! It has that Marvin Gaye "What's Goin On" feel to it. I can actually feel the pain and passion in his words on that track, and if that song doesn't get you energized then trying sticking a metal fork into an electrical outlet. So, if you haven't bought, stolen or downloaded that Raheem DeVaughn album by now, definitely put your ears on that one! On second thought, stop being cheap and purchase Raheem's album dammit! If you can buy Pretty Ricky, then you can definitely buy Raheem DeVaughn too!

To make this post complete, I put together a compilation/mix of some of the soul tracks that I feel folks have missed or slept on. There are also a couple of rare and exclusive tracks on here too to make it a little more interesting. So, take a listen and hear what you think!


1))) Who Do You Think You Are? - Natalie Williams
2))) Don't Stop - Spanish Fly
3))) I Don't Need To Love - Loose Ends
4))) My People - Raheem DeVaughn
5))) Just What It Takes - Kenny Lattimore
6))) All We Need - Darien Brockington
7))) Heaven - Urban Ave
8))) Pretty Girl - V
9))) Dreamin' - Jill Scott
10)) Why U Wanna - Raheem DeVaughn
11)) All I Need - Angela Johnson
12)) Surely - Ovasoul
13)) We, Ours - Sky Hy
14)) Kiss Me - Tortured Soul
15)) It's Not Gonna Happen - Spacek
16)) Two Hearts - Myron & Juliette
17)) I Can't Help It - Davina


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