Thursday, January 18, 2007

Your hip-hop alarm clock has just gone off, which means it's time to WAKE UP!! Nap time is officially over. While plenty of the mainstream rap fans are thoroughly entertained when they hear average/mediocre production, I desire more. Sometimes, I am sucked into the cesspool of mainstream trickery, but I remain loyal to the underground movement. One of the premier producer/emcees reppin' the Maryland/Washington D.C. underground scene is Mr. Kev Brown. I wish I could be shocked that not many people have heard of him, but with a definite lack of advertising and promotion I totally understand why. Plus, Kev seems to be low-key type of person that enjoys sitting back in the shadows rather than being upfront in the spotlight. He's using his music to speak to masses instead of his voice, and it seems to be working well for him.

Kev has managed to work with a large range of artists over his career like De La Soul, Jazzy Jeff, Raheem DeVaughn and Jewel to name a few. He has also remixed several tracks for artists like 702, Lone Catalyst, Amerie, Little Brother and a slew of others. His greatest musical endeavor to date would have to be the remix project he with the Jay-Z "The Black Album," which he entitled the "The Brown Album." The success of his remix album was overshadowed by DJ Danger Mouse's controversal remix project "The Grey Album" that same year. Even with that stumbling block, Kev Brown was still thrusted into the forefront and showered with praise for his efforts.

Kev Brown is a definite student of hip-hop music, but he's no novice. His smooth jazz-infused production sound reminds me of the greats like Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Jay Dee and DJ Premier. That a definite compliment by my standards. Paying homage to the true school while honing his own sound, Kev Brown has garnished a reputation as the torch-bearer of the golden era. He's not alone on his quest of bringing hip-hop back the days of true-school era though. His partners in rhyme Kenn Starr, Kronkite, Cy Young, Critically Acclaimed & Oddisee call themselves the Low Budget Crew, and they bring much to the table as well. These katz seem to have a bright future, and I thank them for helping me maintain my sanity during these days of hip-hop kaos!

Enuff talking. Let's get into the music part of this post. For your listening pleasure, I have provided a megamixx highlighting some of my favorite Kev Brown production moments. Put your ears on this.....


1...Raheem DeVaughn - Catch 22
2...Kev Brown feat. Wayna & Raheem DeVaughn - Hennessey Pt. 2
3...Shawn Stockman feat. Cy Young - How I Do
4...Kev Brown feat. Grap Luva - Struggla's Theme
5...De La Soul feat. Yummy Bingham - Special
6...Jay-Z - Lucifer (Kev B Remix)
7...Cy Young - There Dey Go
8...Kenn Starr feat. Sean Born & Raheem DeVaughn - Another Day
9...Procussions - Life
10.V feat. Kev Brown - Best Friend
11.Kev Brown - Life Is A Gamble (Remix)
12.Erro - Rock Wit You
13.Kenn Starr - Walk The Walk
14.Kev Brown feat. Phonte & Oddisee - Beats-N-Rhymes
15.Kenn Starr feat. Kev Brown - Relentless
16.Grap Luva feat. Phonte - Can't Stay Away
17.Cy Young feat. Raheem DeVaughn - We Are
18.Kev Brown - Albany
19.Jay Z - Dirt On Your Shoulders (Kev B Remix)




Anonymous said...

NIce post, Kev Brown just brings a different sound to the game, one of my favourites. I Do What I Do, still fresh and sounding as good as the day it came out. Much love

Brutus said...

Kev Brown is that dude! Love the mixx, thanks!