Sunday, September 03, 2006

For those that know me well and anybody that has been to reading the posts on this site for any length of time understands my passion for production? Production is the most important factor to me on any record. If the production lacks creativity or just stinks in general, I probably won't like the song that much? I am not trying to imply that lyrics and content aren't important, but the production is what holds everything together. With that being said, I am spotlighting one of my favorite producers out of Brooklyn from the new millenium that is definitely making his way on the underground hiphop scene. Omar Jarel Gilyard a.k.a Jneiro Jarel is a music producer and an emcee! That is actually not uncommon these days, but Jarel has a unique sound that gives him a slight edge in my opinion. Growing up as a military brat, he was able to travel the world with his mother, which afforded him the opportunity to discover different types of music. In 1994, Jarel started a group called "Slam Kids." The group opened him up to further his music career, so in 1998 he moved back to New York where he changed his rap name to Jneiro Jarel. While in New York he met up with Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy fame, and Jarel was given the opportunity to open up for Julie Dexter and Lord Finesse. Jneiro was grateful for the opening act gig, but he wanted to record his music and reach his full potential. After putting in some work, he released his first album entitled, "Section A" in 2000. In 2004, he moved to Philly where he met to of the city's most influential hiphop artists Rich Medina and King Britt. Working with these katz provided Jarel began to develop his production skills. He has worked with artists like Jazzanova & Count Bass D over the years as well. In 2005, he released his underground classic "Three Piece Puzzle" to finally show the world what he's learned, but most people never got a chance to hear it? Independent artists sometimes suffer due to poor promotion, and Jneiro Jarel is no exception.

On "Three Piece Puzzle" Jarel handled all of the production and he wrote all of his lyrics. I really enjoyed that album because it was something different, and the beats were tight! It's 2006 now, and Jneiro Jarel is back with a new project. This time around it's all about the beats. The album is called, "Beat Journey." He's changed his rap name as well for this project, which is kind of M.F. Doomish, but it's all good though. Now, he calls himself "Dr. Who Dat," which somewhat ties in with his label's name Label Who! If you are into instrumental beat albums like J Dilla's "Donuts" or 9th Wonder's "Instrumental Sessions" then you need to checkout this album. This joint is full of head bobbin' beats that you hope one day will be laced with some nice lyrics? If you have never heard of Jneiro Jarel before, make sure you get familiar with him real quick! If you are diggin' katz like M.F. Doom & Count Bass D, Jarel will probably be to your liking?

Checkout his site to hear some of his tracks!

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Sunn Gawd said...

J Jarel is the real deal. I am glad to see somebody is giving him some shine! I'm feelin the site too, so keep doin ya thang!