Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There are several great soul singers doing their thing on the music tip in 2006, but Darien Brockington is definitely one of my favorites right now! Not only is he solid with the vocals, but he's a humble brother that is just passionate about his music. D. Brock has been doing his thing for a minute by working with one of the hottest hiphop crews out right now, The Justus League. If you have heard the Foreign Exchange "Connected" album or any of Little Brother's projects, you have already heard D. Brock do his thing. He had provided soulful vocals on several tracks for artists like Little Brother, Cesar Comanche and Nicolay before he finally dropped his first solo project entitled, "The Feeling EP" back in 2005. The EP was a solid debut for D. Brock, but the project was only available for purchase at limited locations on the internet. Sadly, the majority of the soul music fans had no clue that this project had even been released? Even with hardly any promotion, Mr. Brockington had developed a small, but loyal audience. As the months have gone by D. Brock's fanbase has increased tremendously. Who said word of mouth wasn't powerful? He is slowly becoming a household name when it comes to quality soul music.

On October 3, 2006, Darien Brockington will be releasing his first full-length album entitled, "Somebody To Love." If you were diggin' "The Feeling EP" you will definitely need to add this album to your collection. With solid vocals and production by 9th Wonder, Nicolay and Vitamin D, this album definitely has the potential to be a classic. After listening to this album, you begin to sense that D. Brock is pushing the soul music envelope wider to remind his listeners that soul music can still be exciting and fresh! In the new millenium of R&B clones, it's nice to hear some diversity in soul music. According to his interview on, Darien recommends that you hit up your local music stores and request that they stock his new album. It seems like a small thing, but the voice of the consumer goes a very long way. We (the Fans) can really decide what happens in music as a whole, but the majority of us remain handicapped spectators on the sidelines with thousands of complaints, but no voice to be heard?

If you are not familiar with Darien Brockington a.k.a D. Brock, do yourself a BIG FAVOR!

I have some great news for the soul fans here in Detroit. The
Flowink crew is hosting a soulful event at Club Steel located in downtown Detroit featuring Darien Brockington and Yahzarah on October 21, 2006. Dwele (who is another one of my favorite soul singers) is the special guest host of this event. It will definitely be something to remember, so make sure you are there if you will be in the Detroit area around that time.

Click the ALBUM COVER above for more information about Darien Brockington & Yahzarah in Detroit. Here samples of their music as well.
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