Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's been a hot azz summer this year in Michigan! I enjoy the summer months because of the outdoor events that it brings about, but other than that I can do without it. Give me 70 degrees with a cool breeze blowing and I am good. Fall is here finally, so I thought it was about time to Fall Bak on the music track with another installment of my Ear Test mix series to celebrate! The Ear Test series is where I get to let it all hangout when it comes to music. No limitations, just feeling the vibe of the music. Also, this series allows me to give some shine to the more abstract and alternative artists that dwell in the basement of the underground scene soul. It's all about mellow beats and hypnotic rhythms this time around, so get some peroxide plus a couple of q-tips to clean out that ear wax. The Fall Bak mixx goes out to all of my overseas peeps that show me much love for what I am doing here on the site. I get emails every week from folks thanking me the music that they have found on this site, and that's really what it's all about! I am just having fun though, but I really appreciate everyone's feedback. Even the folks that come through regularly, but never say a word....I thank ya'll too for just stopping through!

I started the mix off with my man Aloe Blacc. Sometimes, when that dude sings, you almost forget that he's a rapper turned sanger? Next up is the sleeper soul artist of the year Viktor Duplaix. I keep it moving with Purple, Lyden & Rebirth, who all have much to offer when it comes to alternative soul music. Bilal has never really gotten his props over the years, so I hope this Madlib remix will hopefully add to his fanbase? I use a dope J Rawls instrumental to bring in one of my favorite singles of the year by Moon B! Yoruba and Siji help bring forth those soulful and hypnotic rhythms that will definitely keep your neck moving. Then we slide right into some dope J Dilla and Rich Medina. You gotta love that! Bringing up the rear are the Lone Catalyst, Allison Crockett, Mos Def, and then I shut the door with a Nicolay beat!


1)))Aloe Blacc - Nascimento (Birth) Scene 2
2)))Viktor Duplaix - In The Middle of You
3)))Purple - Crustation
4)))Lynden David Hall - Players & Hustlers
5)))Rebirth - Sinkin'
6)))Bilal - Soul Sista (Madlib Mix)
7)))J Rawls - Heart Throb
8)))Moon Baker - Something Sweet (Nic Old Skool Mix)
9)))Yoruba - Love Song
10)Siji - Feels Like (Tribal Mix)
11)J Dilla - Won't Do
12)Rich Medina feat. Martin Luther - Too Much
13)Lone Catalyst - Destiny
14)Allison Crockett - Nappy (Waiwan Remix)
15)Mos Def - The Panties
16)Nicolay Outro


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