Monday, September 25, 2006

Soul music is not just big in the United States, but it definitely has a heavy presence in other countries around the world as well. One of my favorite soul music groups of all time is Loose Ends, and they just happen to be from London, England. So, is this seasoned r&b crooner Lemar, who has definitely impressed me with his latest project entitled "The Truth About Love." Lemar has already released two previous albums overseas that have grossed him atleast 1.5 million in sales already, but this new album should definitely add to that total. The nicest thing about this kat is his heartfelt and seductive vocals with an old-school feel. Lemar has definitely taken a page from the book of Sam Cooke, but he does it without stealing the legend's mojo! The richness of his voice is undeniable, which will hopefully bring him some success in the United States? Actually, this type of artists has been missing from soul music for many years. The closest thing we've had to a rich voice in the new school era of soul is Jahiem? While Jahiem seems to be targeting the young thugs and the around the way girls with his music, Lemar seems to be focusing his music toward the contemporary adults? I am quite sure a few youngsters will definitely want to jump on the bandwagon as well though.

According to Lemar's website, he is unimpressed with the of the modern day recording studio. He feels that even the poorest singers can fool the public with clever computer tricks. Whatever the artist can't do vocally, the computer can. I totally agree with Lemar's statements. I actually think that is one of the main reasons evolution of real soul music has suffered over the years. It's all about the look and sex appeal first, then the actual talent! For some reason the music industry believes that most young male consumers are naive enough to buy an album solely because the female artist has long silky hair, big breast and tight abs whether they have talent or not? Ashanti. How about female fans buying albums only because a male artist is cute? Marques Houston. Hmmm? I guess the music industry is not totally wrong in their assumptions about the male consumer atleast, but Lemar doesn't want to be placed in the "just another pretty face" category. He's a true talent that has studied some of the soul greats like Marvin Gaye, Al Green and James Brown to improve his delivery of emotion through the microphone onto the record. This new album shows that Lemar has been a great pupil, because it's definitely full of raw emotion. Album tracks like "Love Me Or Leave Me" and "Can't You See" featuring Mica Paris (where the hell has she been) & Style P (The Lox) should have you hooked on the first listen? If you are a fan of Lynden Hall give Lemar a try.

For those of you that have never heard of Lemar, do yourself a favor and get familiar. If you were already a long time fan of this kat, why didn't you tell me about him before dammit?? Now, I gotta play ketchup (catch up), but it's all good like MC Hammer.

Don't take my word for it though when it comes to Lemar's talent. Check him out for yourself. Listen to some of his album tracks on his websites:

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Vaz said...

Lemar is a great singer. Thanks for recognizing him. I have been a fan for several years.