Saturday, January 05, 2013

Urban radio pretty much stinks around America. Music and artists with originality and freshness have been replaced by annoying, cookie-cutter type trash. Not all, but most of it. Basically, independent artists barely get heard, and even some established and respected musicians get ignored if they don't fit within the radio format box. If you are listening for the lastest and greatest artists making quality music the most urban radio stations are useless in 2013. It irritates me to hear the same songs over and over again within a 30 minute period! I used to make these mock radio podcasts years ago I called "WNEX Raydio" that was full of good music I felt needed your ear support. I'm bringing radio back once again, so here is the first of many joints. This is a soulful R&B edition...


Raydio Playlist:

What You Gotta Do   Dwele ft. Raheem DeVaughn
Inside   Tiff Paige
Breathe Love   Marcell & The Truth
Letter To Hermoine   RGE ft. Black Milk & Bilal
Soul   Floacist
Pretending   Hollie Smith & Isaac
Wildest Dreams   Brandy
Restless Dreamer   Jesse Boykins III
Stay Gone   Melodie Nicholson
I Say   Lauren Santiago
Old School   Kat Webb
When It's All Over   Alicia Keys
Can't Forget   Antoine Dunn
Where Do We Go   Joy Denalane
Sorceress   Funkommunity
Be Free   Moonchild
Official   Anthony David ft. Algebra
One Chance   D. Reed
X.O.X.   Elijah Blake

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