Sunday, December 12, 2010

All these hip-hop blogs on the Internet, and I am not seeing
enough about my dude Redman's new album! This kat is a veteran, so anytime he drops a new joint I'm all over it like diarrhea. Lyrically, Reggie hasn't lost step after all of his years in the game. The new album is simply titled "Reggie" and it's 13 tracks deep. Featured guests include: Saukrates (when this dude dropping a new album?), Method Man, Melanie Rutherford, Bun B, Faith Evans, DJ Kool and some others I have never heard of. I feel musical taste is personal, and that's why I don't do many album reviews. However, I must state my peace about this latest Redman album. Overall, the rhymes are on point, but I feel the production is lacking something. I miss the days when Erick Sermon handled all of the production duties. If you consider yourself a Redman fan, then I suggest you give it spin. Right now, it's only $8 on Amazon:


Checkout Redman speaking about the current Def Jam situation below:

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