Friday, December 28, 2007

I was surfing the internet the other day, and I came across this strange looking video on Youtube (where the monsters live), and I pressed play for the hell of it. The video was a bunch of dance clips from the amateur old school dance off that Tom Joyner does on his Sky Show TV program. It's pretty funny on its own, but the producers of this video chopped up a few dance clips from the show and creatively manipulated them go along with this Lily Allen remix track. I was diggin' the remix from the gitty up, but all that I kept thinking was who the hell is Lily Allen? I never heard of this person before. I did a little research (like all true music lovers should) to find out more about this person. I found out that she's a pop/ska singer from the U.K. and she has her debut album out now entitled "Alright, Still" that has definitely made folks pay attention over the last few months. After hearing a few tracks off of her album I quickly realized that I like her style. She's a cross between Gwen Stefani and Amy Winehouse, but she has her own thing going on. I am not a huge fan of most pop music because of its gimmicky/bubble-gum marketing towards teenagers, but I like this though! Guess I don't hate all POP music after all?

I'm late as hell with my discovery of Lily Allen though, because this album dropped back in January 2007 or something like that. This is just another example of how my taste in music varies. I can pull out some old Chaka Demus & Pliers on you and start doing the Butterfly Dance, or some vintage Kraftwerk so I can get my pop-lock on to "Trans-Europe Express." I'm versatile like a pair of reversible boxer shorts. If you want to get on the L.A. bandwagon with me then go here:, but if you already knew about her and kept it to yourself, thanks for nothing. Share the wealth next time.

Oh yeah, here's that strange video that caught my attention:

Lily Allen - Smile Remix (Video)


Bibblez said...

This video is funny as hell homie! Thanks for this one. After my second watch of the video the song is starting to grow on me.

Anonymous said...

Lily Allen is featured on Finding Forever.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore Club gotta love it. The can make some of the most simple songs or tv show anthems (Three's Company) and make you dance .