Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nothing makes my head-nod harder than some good ole' hip-hop music! Nothing sounds better coming out of your Ipod (or off-brand MP3 player) like a SoundNexx underground hip-hop mix full of that ruff and rugged goodness. I don't normally critique my own mixes, but dammit....this one knocks hard! I dug up some of my favorite underground tracks that I feel most people have totally overlooked during the last few years of the hip-hop movement. Some of these songs are why I started listening to underground hip-hop in the first place. Most of these aritsts were only one hit wonders, while others had solid albums that never got noticed. Okay, this time around I am not going to get long winded with the commentary about this mix. I think these tracks can speak for themselves, so just make sure you are ready to listen...

On 2 tha tracklist.....

01 - Don't Sound Like Me Intro
02 - East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12
03 - Saucrates - Father Time
04 - Sonja Blade - Look 4 The Name
05 - Mr. Complex - Visualize
06 - Percee P - Throwback Rap Attack
07 - Ed O.G. - Let's Be Realistic
08 - J Live - Great Live Caper
09 - Apani - Abracadababra
10 - Charizma - My World Premiere
11 - Supernat - Mind Tricks
12 - Sir Melenik - Nightwork
13 - Headcrack - Clear
14 - The Points feat. Busta Rhymes, Mr. Long, Coolio, TB&H, Big Mike, Redman, and Biggie
15 - L The Head Toucha - Too Complex
16 - Common - Real Nigga Quotes
17 - Dutch Massive - Massive
18 - Crown City Rockers - Walking The Streets
19 - Access - U Don't Wanna Battle
20 - Lucky Dice - Imagine That



Speed Razor said...

That Tried by 12 cut is fire!! I never heard of them dudes before. I also like that Supernat track a lot. Supernatural never got his due.

BennyBlanco said...

Musically the best blog I know of, real good knowledge of all things good, you've put me on to a few artists that I probably wouldn't normally check for. Keep up the good work and if you get a chance check out my blog a drop a comment. 1

SoundNexx said...

@Bennyblanco - Thanks for stopping through my man. I'm glad you are diggin' the site. Music discovery is what SoundNexx is all about, I hope finding new artists that you like.