Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"This was how the WEST was won!" While the music media has been concentrating on the album releases from rap heavy-hitters like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z & Nas, groups like the Cali Agents go under the radar? Well, the Cali Agents have been under the rap radar for many years now. When it comes to the westcoast rap scene, these two katz are definitely on my top five emcees list! This supergroup is made up of two solo westcoast artists Plant Asia a.k.a Bleedy Eyes & Rasco a.k.a Dick Swan! Both of these emcees have several solo albums under their belts, but yet they still come together to make music as well. The Cali Agents have been putting it down in the game for many years, but yet they still sound hungrier on every release. Why? They seem to have a big chip on their shoulders? I guess being overlooked and underrated for many years, while gimmicky trash rappin' artists get major exposure and heavy promotion can make anyone a little frustrated. Instead of letting that frustration pull them down, the Cali Agents remain more focused than ever. The chemistry between these two emcees is amazing to say the least. They exchange vocals on the mic like a Westcoast Run-DMC with a splash of Jurassic 5, never missing a lyrical step. The production on this album is solid as well. You won't hear any sappy rap love songs on this joint, but you will hear plenty of those head-bobbin' basslines embedded with their signature guitar riffs. The Cali Agents are true emcees, so they left the singing to Pharell and 50 Cent a.k.a A Quarter, 2 Dimes and 5 Janet Jacksons with the iron marks on her back! The Cali Agents like to keep it ruff and raw. I like it that way too, in more ways than one! Honestly, it's nice to hear hip hop music that doesn't have some R&B singer overshadowing the lyrics with their vocals. As much as I love hip-hop, soul and R&B collaborations, I still enjoy hearing them separately in their rawest forms. This album is taking things back to the basics. If you crave that rugged hip hop, definitely give the Cali Agents a try!

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Anonymous said...

This is a dope album! I almost missed it too.