Monday, October 27, 2008

Back down memory lane we go. No matter how many new singles and albums that come out weekly, I always find musical comfort in the old school jams of yesterday. Sometimes, the memories that a good old school jam can bring is more powerful than the music itself. Thinking about the good times is where its at. Remembering the days before I had to pay bills, cook my own food and work 40 hour weeks. I miss playing tag, Hide-N-Go Seek and my favorite of all Catcha Girl, Get a Girl! If you don't know what that last game I named is at this point, don't ask. Just trust when I say that it is as fun as it sounds. Hopefully, this mixx I call "Melodic Travelz" will have you cruising back down memory lane like it did me?

Check the playlist:

  • 01-Give Me The Night - George Benson
  • 02-You Can Have It - Kool & The Gang
  • 03-Watch Out - Patrice Rushen
  • 04-I Really Don't Need No Light - Jeffrey Osborne
  • 05-No Limit - Kindred
  • 06-Saturday Love - Alexander O'Neal/Cherelle
  • 07-Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin - Stephanie Mills
  • 08-You Eternally - Jazzanova ft. Dwele/Leon Ware
  • 09-When Love calls - Alantic Starr
  • 10-Tell Me If You Still Care - SOS Band
  • 11-Waiting - Denise Williams
  • 12-Lady I Love You - O'Bryan
  • 13-The Sea - Jesse Boykin III
  • 14-The Making of You - Gladys Knight & The Pips
  • 15-Girl - The Time
  • 16-Gentle - Fred & Gina
  • 17-Jealous Girl - New Edition
  • 18-Shadow Lover - Mary Jane Girls

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B-jam said...

Oops...This file is not available to free users in China and Southeast Asia.

kiminthemix said...

your mix MELODIC TRAVELZ is a great selection of songs ! I cant believe you used one of my very favorite songs, "waiting" - by Denise Williams AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
I love that song and I cant believe you used it :) :)

Soulrific said...

Ah, this is one even my mom would love!

rap said...

Damn Beyonce is FINE!!!

SoundNexx DJ said...

@b-Jam - oh dayum! Does Zshare work for you?

@Kiminthemix - Any fan of D. Williams is a friend of mine.

@Nikki - Tell your moms I got her covered on the old school tip...LOL!

@Rap - Your statement is the only reason why the video is getting any airtime on my site...LOL!

RadioMaster said...

Just My Luck file has been removed
is there any way to re up the post
As I Love The Track List
Very Best Regards

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Radiomaster - Check the "Mixx Ensemble" column on the right of the main page for the mixx you seek!

Be sure to sign up for my mixx mailing list.

Thanks for coming thru...

RadioMaster said...

Many Thanks For The Re Up Mix
Very Best Regards