Monday, October 20, 2008

Personally, I hate Mondays unless its a holiday that allows me be off work and still get paid. Other than that rare occasion, they pretty much suck! Fortunately, most of my weekends are pretty entertaining, so I despise going back to the reality of getting up by way of the alarm clock. If you haven't heard, waking up with the sun is the shiznit! Every Monday I have to get mentally prepared for the obstacles that I have to endure on my way to work. It usually starts with aggressive drivers that tailgate you constantly because they're obviously running late for work again. Add that with all of the unnecessary road construction that seems to only be happening on the streets that I drive on, and that equals me throwing the bird up before I hit the employee parking lot. Things would be worse if I didn't have my music pumping in the mornings helping me get my mind right. I refuse to leave my garage before I get my music of choice in the vehicle. It's a must! Music calms my soul while the world annoys the hell out of me on either side of my bumpers. Good music in the vehicle works wonders for keeping me focused. Zoning out to some dope tracks is the shiznit too dammit, if you didn't know!

So, instead of keeping this addictive mixx for myself, I've decided to share it with you folks. Just a little something to get your mind right. Put ears and let me know what you think...

Track list:

  • 01-What Say U - AKA Soulo
  • 02-Bring It On (Remix) - Kino Watson
  • 03-Break a Dawn - De La Soul
  • 04-I Love LA - Jessika Quynn
  • 05-Love - Jazmine
  • 06-Yo Yo Affair - Madlib ft. Frenza
  • 07-Make Up - Jazzy
  • 08-Written On My Kitten (Remix) - Naughty By Nature
  • 09-Who Do You Love - Bernard Wright
  • 10-Hangin On A String - Loose Ends
  • 11-Walked Outta Heaven (Remix) - J.E.
  • 12-I Wanna Know - F.E.
  • 13-So Far From Home - Jazzanova ft. Phonte
  • 14-If You Don't Love Me - Liquid Spirits ft. Phonte
  • 15-Away With Me - Jean Grae
  • 16-The Way That I Live - Madlib ft. Stacy Epps
  • 17-Fantasies - OlivierDaySoul
  • 18-My Language - Steve Smith



Anonymous said...

Once again, another great mixx man...That Benard Wright joint brought back some good memories!!! I need to know the artist at the 50:30 mark..the beat is real nice... getting my mind right..right!!!

SoundNexx DJ said...

Leave your name Anonymous. I like to know who I'm answering. The track you seek is track 14 from the track list.

Thanks 4 coming thru...