Friday, September 04, 2009

Meet the soul crooner named Jaafar from Birmingham, Alabama trying to make his musical mark in the game. In a musical world overdosed with male singers you may wonder what sets him apart from the rest. According to Jaafar what separates him is his passion and drive to make what he calls "non constrictive" music. He describes it as music that moves you and constantly transforms yet it can't be placed in any one genre. What's cool about Jaafar is that he's a soul artist with a heavy jazz background. He is a trumpet player and vocalist all rolled into one. Jaafar has been developing his skills since 2004, and now his debut album entitled "Travel Light" is finally available for all to hear. It actually hit the streets a few months ago. There are some smooth tracks on there that are definitely worth putting your ears on.

Here some snippets from the album below:

Hear more of Jaafar's music @:

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