Sunday, April 09, 2006

What up peepz! I got a question for my tru-hiphop headz out there! How many of you have a copy of the not legendary Public Enemy album "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" in your possession right now? There is a cut on that album called, "Too Much Posse" that is actually one of my favorite P.E. records. For those that have this cassette or CD, put it in and checkout track No. 5! Classic material, no doubt! Anyone that has been sleepin' on the Public Enemy album or was just a stain on the sheets back then, do yourself a favor and check for it! That brings me to my next question: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRUE HIPHOP POSSE CUTS FROM BACK IN THE DAY?? Have they been removed from hiphop? I miss hearing a crew of true MCs just rippin' the mic reppin' their hood, label or team! It was an opportunity for any MC to put forth their best lines, and try to steal the show from the rest of the folks on the song! Remember, when you first heard Canibus steal the show from The Lost Boyz on "The Beasts From The East" track?? Canibus ripped that track apart at the end with some classic rewind material 4-Real!!! How about the verse from Busta Rhymes on the "Scenario" record? A star was born.....

A classic posse record comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. For example, a tight remix of a dope song can quickly become a history making event like the "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) featuring: Craig Mack, LL Cool J, BIG, Busta Rhymes & Rampage! Can't front on that one! Another heavy hitter amongst posse cuts is Marley Marl's "The Symphony" featuring: Masta Ace, Kool G. Rap, Craig G & Big Daddy Kane. That's one of the dopest posse cuts ever made in my opinion. When katz get together on a track to rep their state, city, burrough or hood, it can be a major event as well like on the cut, "John Blaze" featuring: Fat Joe, Big Pun, Jada and Raekwon! I didn't see this collabo coming, so I was pleasantly pleased when it dropped back in 1998!

Now-a-days, it seems like these lack-luster examples of so-called rappers coming together and rippin' the mic are making my ears bleed! It doesn't seem genuine anymore? It seems to be a money skeem to get folks to buy records....I mean download them! The best we get these days is when G-Unit rhymes with Mobb Deep, or the Ying-Yang Twins, Lil' Jon & Bubba Sparks come together on a record ((yarn))? My hiphop taste budds need quenching! I could even go for a little of that old Master P, No Limit Soldier type southern posse funk from back in day! Where is Mia X, Fiend and Mystikal when need them dammit?? If I am missing out on some new school posse cut magic, PLEASE let me know!

Today, I bring you some of my favorite mainstream and underground posse cuts from over the last few years all in one mix for your pleasure. I listened to this mix for about a week straight when I first put it together, just because it was great to hear some of these MCs taking no prisoners on the mic back in the day! There are a few unknown underground cuts in this mix too, so keep your ears open. This is only Volume 1 of this mix series, so if you didn't hear your favorite crew or posse cut in this mix, don't fret! It will probably pop up in one of my upcoming mixes. It's impossible to fit all of these great songs into one mix, even though I actually tried......

As always, I am interested in your opinions about this topic! If you have something to express, feel free to drop me a quick line below! If not, just enjoy the mix, and tell a friend about what we are doing over here at SoundNexx!



DMecca7 said...

I miss those posse cuts my damn self J. You used to always get a posse cut back in the day when purchasing a cd in the early to 90's. Crews that were linked together came together to do a posse cut. Man I miss those days. Anyway, have you heard the Jean Grae mixtape. I've been listening to that and the Little Brother-Separate but Equal joint lately.

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